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naforye baby Multifunction Baby Bib
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naforye baby Multifunction Baby Bib

• All-in-one design includes a teether holder, pacifier storage pouch and“chew, chew" teether.

• Absorbent terry with waterproof inner layer; Durable and soften.

• An easy solution for keeping dribbles baby dry.

• Enables you to buy one baby bib have more different fun.

• Age Reference: 4 month +



Product Features
When your baby is growing teeth; he/she would always want to just grab something to bite on. However, you want to make sure that the baby doesn't chew on something dirty and you also don't want your baby to dribble on their clothes. Our Multi-function Baby Bib is meant for those babies! The All-in-one design includes a cute baby teether, a well-designed teether holder and a waterproofed bib. The cute teether is attached on the bib so when your baby doesn't want to play with it and decide tothrow it aside, the teether would still be attached onthe bib and not get dirty or lose!
The waterproofed bib is made out of high quality materials that can prevent your baby to dribble all over himself/herself. Also, the well-designed teether holder is also very cute and convenient!

Product Information
Packaging size: L8.2"xW7.5"xH0.04" inches
Net Weight: 0.08pound(s)
Gross Weight: 0.13-0.17pound(s)
Material: Terry cloth (80% Cotton+20% Polyester) / 
              100% Polyester+Waterproof / Teether-TPR

Product Dimensions:  L10.6"xW10.2" inches

UPC: 4716777994577

Item model number: 99457
Item model name: Love Letter